Thesis topics

We are always open for students wanting to do projects or write their thesis with us.


Since we get many requests and have limited capacity, we require that you have taken relevant courses with us (such as Introduction to Deep Learning) before starting your project. Alternatively, you need to provide a transcript of records as well as a recommendation by another (FIN) Professor vouching for your skills in the relevant area(s).
This way, we can make sure you bring the prerequisites to successfully complete challenging work in the field of Deep Learning independently.


You are welcome to come to us with your own ideas for projects. This could also be in cooperation with another research group or a company.

If you don't have a topic yet, that's fine, too!
Our group members have different research focuses, which you find on their individual page. If you are particularly interested to work in one of those areas, you can schedule a personal meeting to discuss potential project ideas.

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